The Cheap Oakley Sunglasses I Wear With Everything From Cutoffs to Suits

I forget how I found my favorite replica oakley sunglasses. I believe they were an impulse purchase on a particularly sunny day maybe one to two years ago, when I wandered into Steven Alan and spotted the Mayhew. With their shiny Italian acetate and sleek design, the replica oakley sunglasses struck the very perfect balance: not too thick, not too bold, elegantly classic in shape. I bought them right there. Ever since, I’ve found them to complement virtually everything in my closet. That could mean an old pair of denim cutoffs when I’m walking through the park, a crisp white shirt for workdays, the track pants that I wear only to the bodega on the corner, or even my dark-gray suit that I reserve for the occasional wedding. They’re always just right. According to Steven Alan (the brand, not the man), the frame is “best suited to slender, rectangular, and square faces,” but I have yet to find them unattractive on any of the people I’ve forced to try my cheap oakley sunglasses on for size. (There’s a similar pair, the slightly more angular Mayhew II, available, too.)

I have to admit that thecheap oakley sunglasses aren’t cheap. They start at $185, but they’re virtually indestructible, which means a lot coming from me and my history with shades. There was that pair of cheap oakley sunglasses that would emerge from my bag bent completely out of shape. Or the ones whose lenses I scratched from what I considered normal wear and tear. But the Mayhews I’ve somehow managed to keep scratch-free, intact, and presentable for nearly two years. I’d say I’ve reformed my reckless habits a bit, if only because the protective case that comes with them is actually very handsome.

As I’m writing this and perusing the Steven Alan website, I’ve noticed that my beloved shades now come in new colors, like forest tortoise or crystal gray, with trendy flash-mirror lenses. I must admit that I’m so enamored that I’m considering buying another pair (or seven).